Coffee Money Real Estate Investing

Want to learn how to buy real property for $50,
then resell for 10-20x that? 

  This book teaches you how... 

*hint: it's cheaper than getting coffee*
Written by successful full-time real estate investor Justin Sliva
Learn the Process
Make Offers
Learn how to buy low-risk, “Over the Counter” tax deeds
Conduct Due Diligence
Research properties from the comfort of your own home
Resell Online
Use proven strategies for quick online sales
Overcome Your Fears
FINANCES?      |     RISK?      |      BUSY?
Worried about having enough money?
If you've ever wanted to get in the game but thought your finances were the issue, Justin teaches you how to get past that obstacle by investing in real property that you will buy for $50! You'll see real property case studies and their results.
Concerned you're taking on too much risk?
Learn how to diversify your portfolio and mitigate the risks on your investments, all while investing remotely.  The perfect low risk and potential for high return strategy for someone looking to get into real estate.
Don't have enough time?
Justin lays out the process in a way that makes it quick to learn, and his method can be easily done with only a few hours on the weekends.
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Start your Real Estate Investing NOW!

Absolutely enjoyed reading this book and the amazing eye opening tips that ANYONE can put to work immediately‼️ We will certainly have our kids try this as well. Thank you for sharing and I know it will help many out there looking for extra cash. Highly recommend.



I am new to ebooks. I have a substantial amount of audiobooks though. I have read and listened to numerous suggestions for making passive income and most of my gaps in making this concept work were answered by what I just read. Thank you Justin...


Informative and to the point.

This book is a quick read and has very actionable information. Lots of content without the fluff.


A Creative Way to Generate Additional Real Estate Investing Income!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in getting into real estate investing but is having trouble getting started. Through the book, Justin teaches a novel method for investing that you won't read about on BiggerPockets. He proves that it works with his own case study. I'm definitely going to be adding this to my investment strategies!


Great way to get started in real estate with little $$$

This book simply and methodically provides an explanation of how to get started in one type of real estate investing without much money or risk. It’s a proven method that I have now used to work for my business. I highly recommend it!


Easy + Engaging Read!

This book is a simple and intelligent guide for anyone looking to enter into real estate investing. I followed the steps provided in the book and have had great success using this method! Thank you, Justin!

Stop talking about becoming an entrepreneur or real estate investor...
make it happen today with your coffee money!
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